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Parrish Humphries

(1885 - 1942)
Rich Patch, Alleghany County, Virginia; Oklahoma; Covington, Virginia; Lexington, Virginia.
Butcher - Railroad Agent - Express Freight Franchise Manager

Married Edna T. Weikel (1882 - 1941) of Monroe County, W.V.; Covington, Virginia; and Lexington, Virginia; daughter of Wilbur S. Weikel (1861 - 1938) and Roberta Ellen Smith (1864 - 1913).

Parrish and "Pinkie" Edna Humphries

Parrish circa 1905 made deliveries for

W. E. Lockhart - "Dry Goods and Notions" - Covington

Living in Shawnee, OK 1910

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Parrish working at Frasier Co. Warehouse

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Parrish working at Oswald Coal Mining Store near Mt. Hope, WV

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Ruthie's letter to Parrish 1926

Parrish opens Railway Express Agency in Lexington, VA

Parrish (standing right) at Railway Express Agency dinner
Parrish with Greg

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