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Gregory Melvin Humphries


(1934 - living)
Child of Wilbur Melvin and Helen Humphries
Lived in Waynesboro, Virginia; Lawrenceville, Virginia; Hickory, N.C.
Printing/Advertisng; Furniture Manufacturer Executive/Owner; Entrepreneur; Established New Covenant and Colonial Frontier Churches, and Christian History Society.
Married Nancy Elizabeth Coiner (1936 - living) of Waynesboro, Virginia, on August 27, 1954; Lawrenceville, Virginia; and Hickory, N.C., the daughter of Montel Grove Coiner (1901 - 1938) and Lola Margaret Foster (1902 - 1988), in 1954.

Greg (young boy)
Nancy Elizabeth Coiner Humphries
Nancy Elizabeth Coiner Humphries
Christian History Society
Christian History Society
Greg - Christ Central Institute Library Donation
Greg Humphries Portraying Augusta Co. Patriot Dr. Fleming who participated in the battle of Mt. Pleasant.
Christian Heritage Center
Christian Heritage Center
Part of the early Christian artifact museum. 
Common Ground
Common Ground
Replica of the first church/meeting house in Augusta County, Virgnia. 

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